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These pages are for current users of the Henson 9000 Perimeter. User manuals, software downloads and frequently asked questions relating to the product are all available here.

If you are a prospective user searching for more information about the Henson 9000, please visit the product pages or take a look at the technical profile here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

(The Henson 9000 is the replacement for the Henson 8000, now discontinued.)

Support material

How can we help you?

These pages are for current users of the Henson 9000 Perimeter. User manuals, software downloads and frequently asked questions relating to the product are all available here.

If you are a prospective user searching for more information about the Henson 9000, please visit the product pages or take a look at the technical profile here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

(The Henson 9000 is the replacement for the Henson 8000, now discontinued.)


Current version: 4.0 (with new Smart Supra test)

Version 4.0 for Henson 9000 is licensed software for which an upgrade fee is payable.

V 4.0 incorporates major changes to the graphical user interface (GUI) for more efficient use in day-to-day practice along with Professor David Henson’s unique new visual field test ‘Smart Supra’ – combining 24-2 and 10-2 test patterns in a ~3.5 minute test for high sensitivity, specificity and speed. (For more information on Smart Supra see our new Henson 9000 brochure.)

The V 4.0 download below will work for 30 days before a licence key is required to formally register your purchase. The software is fully functional during this grace period.

Please note: as Smart Supra is a new test and not available on previous versions of Henson 9000 software it is not backwards compatible with previous Henson supra-threshold tests. Please ensure that you take a backup of the Henson 9000 database before installing Version 4.0 software in case an uninstall is required at a later date.

Please contact your local distributor for Version 4.0 pricing information.

Software release notes

This release note refers to version 4.0.114 of the Henson 9000 software for Windows® versions 7, 8 and 10 Professional.

Software version

Henson 9000  Version 4.0.114

New features



  • Devices and software have been rebranded as Elektron Eye Technology
  • ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ labels have been replaced by OD and OS respectively
  • In new Smart Supra test, the main test controls are grouped together in ‘Test Settings’ tab and less frequently used controls are in a separate tab called ‘Device Settings’.

New Smart Supra test has replaced previous supra-threshold test

  • Smart Supra enhances sensitivity and specificity by using points from 24-2 and 10-2 test patterns and allows easy re-testing or adding of points for improved spatial mapping
  • The 3 levels of testing are: a revised 26 point screening pattern, a 54 point 24-2 pattern and an 86 point test combining the 10-2 central field with the 24-2 test pattern
  • The supra-threshold increment is now set according to the variability found at each location allowing it to test at levels which have a 95, 98 and 99% probability of being seen (instead of the fixed 5, 8 and 12 dB levels used in previous versions). An explanation of the settings is as follows:
    • P > 5% means that there is a 95% chance that this point is normal (this is equivalent to the “Seen” on previous versions)
    • P < 5% means that there is a LESS than 5% chance that this point is normal (95% chance that it is not normal)
    • P < 2% means that there is a LESS than 2% chance that it is normal (98% chance that it is not normal) and
    • P < 1% means there is a LESS than 1% chance it is normal (99% chance it is not normal)
  • Patient instructions have been modified to alert the patient that not all stimulus presentations will be at the same intensity
  • The ability to retest and add stimulus points has been improved, including the following features: the cursor will “snap” to the available test locations, the intensity of the presentation will be automatically calculated and the current testing level (Screen, 24-2 or 24-2+10-2) is displayed
  • Different start criteria can now be set for the single stimulus and multiple stimulus tests separately, in the Options program
  • Smart Supra printouts now include pattern deviation and total deviation probability maps similar to those produced by threshold testing using the 24-2 and 10-2 test locations
  • Smart Supra saving – it is now possible to select the patient from the database when saving a Smart Supra test

Database improvements

  • The database in the Henson software has been modified to improve the performance of the tree view with large databases
  • Improved search capability
  • Improved image creation
  • Additional languages, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish (latam and peninsular), Portuguese (Brazilian and normal) Japanese, Norwegian


  • Licensing changed as some users (win 10) were having issues where Windows virtual registry was being used when writing to registry but not when reading back, meaning tests did not think software was licensed. Storage changed so that all users will need to register their own copy of the application (all users can use the same licence key).
  • User Manual updated to include trial lens holder and additional information about software licensing
Bug fixes
  • Parent continues to run after trial but all tests disabled – only database will run
  • Capitalised initial letter in ‘Nom de famille’
  • Lens text items made normal
  • Re-positioned Patient Response Button symbol
  • Added new string to say “Your temporary licence will expire”
  • Multiple updates to Henson 9000 User Manual adding in pictures and information about licensing requirements in all language versions
  • Fix for ZATA test not displaying MD data for Left eye. (NOTE: any ZATA tests will need to be repeated after the software has been installed)
  • Options text about trial expiration not user-friendly
  • Font inconsistencies fixed in graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Missing practice management integration data is now handled correctly
  • VA format now displaying correctly
  • Restart option now works in Madexcep
  • Start new patient and then cancel no longer closes field test
  • Henson disconnected is now detected
  • On-screen keyboard caps lock now tracks keyboard setting
  • Currently selected year no longer partially obscured on drop down list
  • Software version stored with field record and placed on printout footer
  • Brightness UP now working in MSSP
  • Improvements to database handling and error messages
  • Presentation rate can now change in demo phase
  • Separate options introduced for SSSP and MSSP
  • Improved loading of large datasets into database
  • Inter-stimulus interval no longer incorrectly updates on a keyboard Y press
  • Excel import form help button is now working
  • SSSP cursor control no longer allows red circle outside of the target circle
  • ZATA can now extend if a test is finished
  • MSSP start extended
  • Improvements to enable directories can be changed whilst the programme is running
  • Improvements to database to enable correct operation if print pdf is still open
  • Auto create images
  • Not responding restart button restarts SSSP test
  • Options no longer allows backup database to be set as defaul
  • Option setting defines whether a Progression PDF is created
Supported platforms

This software has been tested on computers running Microsoft Windows® Professional, Versions 7, 8 & 10.

Software dependencies

The software requires that the FTDI USB driver for the Henson hardware is pre-loaded in Windows (i.e. the hardware has been plugged in at least once). The software operates independently of other software but a PDF viewer will be required to view printouts.

Compatibility with previous versions

Compatible with all previous versions. However after upgrade database is not backwards compatible due to new tests.

Known issues
  • Progression analysis does not run if two tests are performed on the same day
  • First press on chinrest button does nothing on certain touchscreens
  • Bulgarian date format causes errors in tests
  • If database is sorted by record number before progression the wrong name is used when creating the image
  • DICOM images that already exist cause an issue

Download information

For MS Windows® Professional, Versions 7, 8 & 10.

Download Version 4..0.114

Previous versions

For MS Windows® Professional, v. 7, and above.

Version 3.7

Download here

Version 3.6

Download here

Version 3.5

Download here

Version 3.4

Download here.

Version 3.3

Download here.

Version 3.1

Download here.


Quick Start Guide

All you need for a quick, hassle-free setup

Henson 9000 Quick Start Guide

User Manuals

Click on the relevant version number to download.


Language  Version no.
English 1.5 1.6 1.7
Chinese 1.7
French 1.7
German 1.7
Italian 1.7
Japanese 1.7
Norwegian 1.7
Portuguese 1.5 1.7
Portuguese (Br) 1.7
Spanish 1.7
Spanish (LatAm) 1.7

Henson 9000 Version 4.0 training videos

A selection of useful videos covering how to license your Version 4.0 software and set up the various software defaults; how to configure and navigate the database and how to use the selection of tests and tools available on the Henson 9000.

Software licensing

How to license your Henson 9000 Version 4.0 software – online and offline activation methods.

Options program

How to set up your Henson 9000 Version 4.0 software.

Database & Utilities

How to access records in the Henson 9000 database, how to use Progression Analysis and Database Utilities on the Henson 9000.

Smart Supra Single Stimulus

How to do a Smart Supra Single Stimulus test on the Henson 9000 Perimeter.

Smart Supra Multiple Stimulus

How to do a Smart Supra Multiple Stimulus test on the Henson 9000 Perimeter.

ZATA Threshold

How to do a ZATA 30/24-2 and 10-2 threshold test on the Henson 9000 Perimeter, including ZATA Fast.

Esterman Binocular (Drivers) test

How to do an Esterman Binocular drivers’ test on the Henson 9000 – Group 1 and Group 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see the Henson camera on the test screen, only the feed from the computer’s built in webcam - what should I do?

If the laptop or computer has a built in webcam of its own then this, rather than the Henson camera, may initially be displayed on the test screen. To override this, the Henson camera needs to be selected in the Henson Options program.

Close all Henson software and run the Options program from the desktop shortcut.

Click ‘No’ to the opening message and click on the Video tab. The picture from the currently selected video device will be visible. To change it, click the dropdown box next to the video and select the other camera. The feed from the Henson camera should now be visible.

If there is no alternative camera listed in the dropdown then check that the USB cables from the rear of the Henson are both connected to the controlling computer (or a suitable powered USB hub).

The chinrest does not stop when I release the on-screen button using a touchscreen - what is wrong?

First of all, try operating the on-screen button using a standard mouse. If it works correctly then the touchscreen settings will need adjusting.

The issue may be that your touchscreen is not set up to replicate a mouse. This may be a setting on the touch screen software or in the Windows Control Panel.

Go to the Mouse section of Control Panel and turn off any right click events as these can be automatically triggered after one or two seconds of pressing and holding down a button.

If this does not solve the problem, then please contact your service agent for further information. You can find your local service agent via our Distributors page.

There appear to be a loss of communication between my computer and the Henson 9000 bowl...

If you can see the feed from the Henson camera on screen but are still getting messages about the Henson not being connected then check that the two USB cables from the rear of the Henson are both plugged into the computer (or a powered USB hub).

Open the Henson Options program from the Desktop shortcut, answer ‘No’ to the initial question and click on the Computer tab. There should be a device listed in the box shown below


It will not be called ‘Henson’ but if it is listed then check that the ‘Software only’ box is not ticked.

If it is then untick it and click the Save button.

Why is the software reporting ‘USB device not found’ when my Henson is connected to my PC?

To resolve this issue, follow these steps.

1) Open your Windows Start Menu at the bottom left of your PC

2) Select ‘Control Panel’, as shown below

3) Double-click on ‘Device Manager’

4) Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate the last item, ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’, by clicking on the ‘>’ to its left

5) Right click on ‘USB Serial Converter’ to bring up the screen shown below, then click the ‘Driver’ tab

Check that the ‘Driver Provider’ is ‘FTDI’.

N.B. The ‘Driver Version’ will differ from the screenshot above…

Then, if the ‘Roll Back Driver’ button is active then press it.

A computer restart may be required.

After the restart, check that the Henson 9000 software application can see the device hardware by opening the Options program from the desktop shortcut and checking on the ‘Computer’ tab that a device is listed.

I'm receiving a message about FT device I/O error - what's the issue?

This is usually caused by a conflict with another piece of equipment using the same USB chipset as the Henson. A common one is the IR receiver for the Thompson test chart which uses a very old USB driver and can cause issues.

The process to fix it is as follows:

  1. Disconnect your computer from the Internet.
  2. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  3. Click on Device Manager.
  4. Expand the Universal Serial Bus (USB) controllers option.
  5. Locate the two relevant USB devices.
  6. Unplug the Henson 7000 USB lead and one device should disappear
  7. Right click on the remaining device and select Uninstall.
  8. A message will appear – tick the box that says ‘Remove driver software from this computer’.
  9. Click the Search button on the toolbar at the top of the Device Manager window (it looks like a magnifying glass). The device will reappear.
  10. Repeat the uninstall process – each time ticking the “Remove driver software from this computer” box until the device does not reappear or you get a message stating that a driver cannot be found.
  11. Unplug the infrared (IR) receiver USB cable.
  12. Plug in the Henson USB cable. It may find a driver. If it does not then run the program CDM20824_Setup.exe from the C:\Henson7000\Install files\ folder. This is a USB driver and will prompt windows to sort out the new hardware.
  13. Once the driver has loaded run the Henson Options program, select the listed USB device in the Computer tab and click ‘Save’.
  14. Now plug in the IR receiver USB lead and it will use the updated Henson driver.
  15. You can now restore your Internet connection.

Remote support

In the event that you have any problems with your Henson, it is often possible for us to remote view your PC/control device in order to fix issues online.

To do this we require that the control device you are using is connected to the internet and has a remote access program running. You can download the remote client using this link. Once it is installed on your device, give the service technician the ID number and s/he will be able to view your machine and offer advice on the issue.

Parts and accessories

Please contact your local agent for questions about parts and accessories.

Find your local agent’s contact details quickly via our Distributors page.


Your Henson 9000 has a two year warranty from the date of installation. If your unit is still within its warranty period please contact your local agent who will be able to help you. You can find your local agent’s contact details quickly via our Distributors page.

If your Henson is outside its warranty period, your local agent should still be your first port of call. However, if they cannot be of assistance, then please contact the UK Service Department via service@elektroneyetechnology.com