Henson legacy products

Henson legacy instruments


Professor Henson has been designing Henson perimeters since 1986. In this section you will find information about those legacy instruments for which support has ended.

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Henson 7000 Henson 9000

The Henson 7000 and the Henson 9000 are the current models.

Unsupported legacy models

Legacy instruments

All of the instruments below are no longer supported. In most cases this is due to component parts not being available and the costs of upgrading not being viable.

Henson 3000

The Henson 3000 was replaced by the Henson 3200 in 1993 and is therefore no longer supported.

Henson 3200

The Henson 3200 was superseded by the Henson 6000 in April 2000 and is no longer supported.

Henson 4000

The Henson 4000 was superceded by the Henson 5000 in 1998 and is no longer supported.

Henson 3500

The Henson 3500 was discontinued in 2001 and is no longer supported.

Henson 6000

The Henson 6000 was discontinued in 2007 and is no longer supported.

Henson 5000 (Pro)

The Henson Pro 5000 was discontinued in 2010 and is no longer supported.