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80% of the world’s sight loss can be prevented or cured* yet millions live with visual impairment or blindness every day. Two of the leading causes of preventable sight loss are age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma, both of which are very treatable if detected early.

Elektron Eye Technology’s cutting-edge ophthalmic instrumentation, the MPS II and the Henson range, are designed to accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively screen for these conditions or their risk factors. What’s more, both devices can be used to measure the ongoing effectiveness of treatment for both diseases.

Tackling global eye health challenges

Screening and management are important because conditions like AMD and glaucoma present a huge burden to healthcare systems. Figures published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology predicted that there will be 80 million people with glaucoma by 2020, whilst data published in the Lancet as recently as 2014 projected 196 million AMD sufferers worldwide by the same date.

This infographic highlights the roles our MPS II, Henson 9000 and Henson 7000 can play in tackling glaucoma and the risk of AMD, along with the benefits each device can offer to eye care professionals across the world.

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* Visual impairment and blindness, WHO  



Infographic text 

Elektron Eye Technology – cutting edge ophthalmic instrumentation

MPS II – the world’s first fully portable macular pigment screener

  • FAST – as quick as 90 seconds per eye
  • ACCURATE – gives clear, reliable MPOD results
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – best-value screener on the market

The MPS II enables:

  • PROACTIVITY – detect the risk of AMD before it develops
  • MANAGEMENT – monitor how patients respond to supplementation
  • DIVERSIFICATION – of services with a new ethically viable revenue stream


  1. In 2010 $343bn was spent on AMD treatment worldwide
  2. By 2020 196 million of global population predicted to have AMD
  3. AMD can be prevented – MPOD is a key modifiable risk factor for AMD

Henson 9000 – screening and monitoring of glaucoma progression

  • FAST AND ACCURATE – single and multiple stimulus screening tests
  • INNOVATIVE – unique ZATA threshold test can use prior patient data
  • VERSATILE – easy to use with multiple PC configuration options

Henson 9000 enables:

  • EFFICIENCY – fast, accurate screening saves valuable time
  • SPECIFICITY – extend screening tests and manually add locations
  • MANAGEMENT- of patients with suspected or diagnosed glaucoma

Henson 7000 – a portable, central field screener for glaucoma detection

  • FAST SCREENING – uses same advanced technology as Henson 9000
  • PORTABLE – lightweight (5kg) and height adjustable
  • DURABLE – low maintenance solid state electronics

Henson 7000 enables:

  • DETECTION – of those with/without visual field defects
  • FLEXIBILITY – use at the practice, hospital or in the community
  • AFFORDABILITY – screening feasible even in resource-poor areas

FACTS: Glaucoma

  1. 2nd leading cause of blindness worldwide
  2. 80 million people globally expected to suffer from glaucoma by 2020
  3. Early stages are symptomless, only detected by screening

Key: MPOD – macular pigment optical density