Based in the heart of Cambridge

Elektron Eye Technology

Our work

We understand the challenges faced by eye care professionals worldwide and the frustrations they feel when technology doesn’t meet their needs.

That’s why we partner with leading eye health experts to create equipment built around the needs of ophthalmologists, optometrists and clinicians as well as the patients they work with every day. We also produce whitepapers and other support for users of Elektron Eye Technology products to help them stay informed and confident.

Our company

Elektron Eye Technology is a subsidiary of Elektron Technology which is home to a spectrum of world-class fast-moving engineered product (FMEP) brands.

With a community formed of so much expertise, it’s no surprise that we enjoy a broad and informed perspective on the challenges our customers face. From our Cambridge Technology Centre, we work to push the boundaries and develop products that meet the challenges of a fast-paced world.

Our people

Our business is built on knowledge and in-depth technical know-how. The Elektron community is composed at all levels of people with a drive to find tangible solutions to real-world problems.

We work with end users across the industry to discover what they need from their equipment. That could mean a smaller footprint, expanded features or more sophisticated software.

By fostering close links with experts like Professor David Henson of the University of Manchester, we consult on evidence-led approaches to refining our newest innovations.