A portable and fast visual field screener

Sensitive, specific and fast suprathreshold screening in a uniquely robust and portable central visual field screener, provides complete flexibility to any glaucoma screening programme. Standard single stimulus tests or faster, patient-friendly multiple stimulus versions are available, allowing operators to re-test missed stimuli and/or extend patterns in-test, to rule out false positives with a new level of confidence.

Technical highlights:

  • SAP white-on-white testing
  • Single and multiple stimulus suprathreshold screening
  • 26 and 68 point suprathreshold test patterns (extendable in-test)
  • Customisable strategies – add and re-test locations in-test
  • Solid state electronics for durability and portability
  • EMR compatible
  • Weight: 5 kg

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Efficient glaucoma screening

The Henson 7000 is the ideal all-round central visual field screener: intuitive for operators; comfortable for patients. Fast, accurate and customisable test patterns enable streamlined, patient-centred glaucoma screening. Users can confidently identify those who do have visual field defects and efficiently rule out those who don’t.

  • Put patients first – customisable glaucoma tests ensure patient comfort and accurate results
  • Enhance efficiency – patient-preferred multiple stimulus testing saves time in busy healthcare environments
  • Diversify services – offer glaucoma screening at the practice, hospital or in the community

Product highlights (pdf) | Technical profile | Distributors | Contact us